3 Strategies to Help You Finally Make Those Resolutions Stick

You ready to conquer this year?

It’s a new year and I’m willing to bet you have a feeling in your gut that things will be different. We always do. We always enter into a new year believing it will be better and we will be better in it. This hope is one of the reasons why I love a new year. It motivates, challenges and encourages me to be better than the year prior.

So we set goals for ourselves or, at the very least, we dream about how different we and our lives will be.

However, do you typically find yourself sliding back into old habits by week three? Or maybe it’s more like month number three. It’s OK if you do. We all struggle to make changes in our lives because with change comes challenge.

Now, onto the big question… how do we break the cycle? How do we make changes in our lives that actually stick? After successfully adding a workout routine into my life in 2020 (yes, even in a pandemic), I think it all comes down to just three things. These are the three things that made me successful in keeping not just that resolution, but a few. I also intend to implement these same practices again this year.

Here are three strategies to help you finally make those resolutions stick.

Keep it Simple

One of the biggest reasons we fail at keeping our resolutions is that we have too many.

Oh, it’s good to dream big and want to make changes, but don’t go overloading yourself. I think of a waiter carrying a ton of plates on one tray. If one slips, there’s a good chance the whole tray is going over too. And only experienced waiters can juggle this much.

Instead, start with one thing. Yep, just one.

Once you’ve established that one little habit, then add another. Then once that one is second nature, move onto another. If you can knock one out each month, you could totally manage 12 resolutions each year. I know, it makes you feel like Superman, doesn’t it?

In my opinion, all of your resolutions don’t have to be executed in all 12 months perfectly. They just have to stick. So start off small and slow.

Make a Plan

If you were to drive to Miami, Florida, what would you do first? I mean, besides pack all of your swimsuits. You would pick up a phone and track your trip on a map, right? I mean, I know that Miami is east and south, but what interstates are you going to take? Where are the best rest stops and hotels along the way? And dear Lord, there has to be an In-N-Out somewhere along the way.

You start with map. You start with a plan. And your resolutions should be the same.

How else will you hold yourself accountable, measure results, and be successful in the long run? When I make a plan for resolutions, I give myself benchmarks to measure progress and I also give myself deadlines for certain tasks.

If you don’t know where to start with making a plan, think about other areas in your life where you are successful and ask yourself why you’re successful at those things. Is it because of a certain time you get them done? Do you have a journal in which you track your progress? Maybe you have a partner that helps you show up each day?

Apply those same principles and practices to your resolutions.

Meet Yourself Where You’re At

I don’t know why we think that just because a new year is on the calendar that we will suddenly wake up new people, but we do. We expect to start at our midway point and that’s just not realistic. It’s called the beginning for a reason and everyone starts somewhere.

If you can honestly meet yourself where you’re at when you’re just starting, you’ll be more successful in the long run.

Take a good, long look in the mirror and tell yourself this is day one. Remind yourself that you are worthy of the things you want in life and that the reason you want to make these changes is because you love yourself enough to get better. So meet yourself where you’re at each and every day. Some days will be stellar and others will be a struggle, but you’re still moving forward.

Give yourself some grace on those tough days.

What are some resolutions you’ve set for yourself this year? Which one will you establish as a habit first? Feel free to share below.

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