7 Wishes for Humanity in the Post-Pandemic World

Here’s what I hope the post-pandemic world will look like.

Anyone else ready to be done with this terrible pandemic. We’ve lost lives, we’ve lost time, we’ve lost dreams. It’s been so hard on our entire world and there isn’t a single person who hasn’t been effected somehow, some way.

One thing we do have is hope.

We all hope for the end of this terrible time. We all hope that we will be better because of this time. We all hope that things will go back to normal. Well, maybe not everything. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping things will be better when we get back to our lives. I’m hoping that our indifference toward one another will be gone. I want us to remember that we are all human and we all want the same things in life like love and happiness and fulfillment.

May We Feel a Strong Sense of Unity

“We’re all in this together” We hear it all of the time, right? What if we actually meant it beyond this time of quarantine? I hope that we don’t forget what we we are all going through during this time and we keep that in our back pocket moving forward. It would make us more kind, it would cancel “cancel culture” and it would remind us that this world operates better when we work together.

May We Give Each Other Grace

How often have you grown impatient with someone in traffic? Or maybe you misread a text and berated someone because of it? We are so quick to fly off the handle with others around us. I hope that after this we remember that everyone has their own story and you never know what someone is going through.

May We Prioritize What’s Important

May we all remember to spend quality time with the people who matter. I hope that we are never too busy to stop by our grandparents house for coffee or pour a glass of wine and check in with our spouse, without distractions. We need people in our lives and we need that human connection that doesn’t come from a screen.

May We Practice Self Care

For some reason, taking care of ourselves is frowned upon. It’s considered selfish or conceited. We need to show up for ourselves so we can show up better for everything and everyone else. This time has taught us to slow down and prioritize our health. May we schedule time for ourselves in the future.

May We Take that Vacation

When did it become the norm to be a workaholic. We all wear that title like it’s a badge of honor. Just like taking care of ourselves, we need to set healthy boundaries with our jobs and make use of those vacation days. Get out of town with your spouse or take the kids on a wild road trip across the country. Let’s make vacations great again!

May We Show Each Other Compassion

Remembering that everyone is going through something means we should act with compassion. Check in with people and when they say they’re struggling, be there for them. Even if you don’t really know the person, a listening ear could make a serious difference in their life.

May We Love with All We’ve Got

All of these wishes have roots in love. Love is the greatest gift we have. From it flows unity, compassion and grace, but also joy, laughter, fulfillment. May we never take for granted the people and blessings in our lives and may we approach each day with love on our sleeves.

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