5 Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses for Free

Money may be tight right now, but you can still help out your favorite businesses.

Owning a business sounds both magical and terrifying. I’ve never owned a business or attempted to open one because it just seems so daunting. There are a lot of moving parts, but also it’s a major risk. There is always a chance for failure, especially in this pandemic. We’ve seen businesses on all levels struggle during this time and my heart really goes out to those who have been chasing their dreams of owning a business.

It you’re like me, you don’t have all of the money in the world and if you did, you’d be spending a lot more of it on these small businesses. However, thankfully there are still ways that you can help. And the best part is, they don’t cost you a dime.

Get Social With Them

Social media is free advertising for any business, but they need their content to be seen. By liking a post or leaving a comment you are helping to boost what they are sharing. Based on social media algorithms, the more engagement a post gets, the more sites such as Facebook and Instagram will push that content out to other users. They see a highly engaging post as “important” and will make sure more people see it. So like, comment and share what your favorite businesses are putting out there.

Leave a Raving Review

If you’ve bought something online or looked up a restaurant, chances are you have read the reviews. Whether you believe all of them or not, it’s nice to get a general consensus of what your peers think before spending your hard-earned money. Essentially, good reviews mean new customers are more likely to buy in. Your kind words can really help a business out.

Exercise Word of Mouth

We’ve all heard about a business becoming wildly successful because of a phenomenon called “word of mouth.” This basically means that one person told a friend, who told another friend, who told yet another friend about this great business. But here’s the thing, that word of mouth has to start somewhere. You can easily be the mouth that sets off a chain reaction. You can either physically tell people or simply post about it on social media.

Offer Up Your Skills

Do you have experience in marketing? How about graphic design? Or maybe you are free Saturday afternoon and can help a business repaint their storefront. There are many ways you can help a business level up with the skills you already possess. You can save a business money by volunteering your talents and time.

Have Others Buy on Your Behalf

This one sounds messy, but it can be as simple as registering at your favorite business for a baby shower or a wedding. If you love a store or restaurant, you can request that any gifts or gift cards be purchased there. I love a registry because it makes it really easy to shop for someone knowing that you’re buying something they’ll love. Also, if there is a party being thrown in your honor, you can ask the hosts to utilize your favorite business for food, decorations, party favors, etc.

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