Hello, Colorado! I’m On the Air

There’s much to celebrate as I’ve taken on another city in this crazy love affair I have with radio.

When I started doing radio almost 11 years ago, I really had no idea what that would mean for my life. Many people get a good on-air gig and they rule the airwaves in that town until they retire. I didn’t see that for myself, yet I figured I would ride the tide as long as I could because the job was fun. In fact, it didn’t even feel like a job.

Fast forward to now and I’m currently spending time with people in nine cities on 11 different stations.

I don’t say that to brag. I humbly say that to remind myself that this is real life. I get to do a fun job that I’m passionate about in six different states. That just goes to show you that when you give God the reigns, incredible things can happen. Do I think I’m qualified to be in this position? Absolutely not. Do I think that I’ll ever feel like I’ve earned a seat that the table? Never.

But I will never doubt the things that God can do.

My prayer each and every morning is to simply not get in the way. I know that God’s plan is greater than me and supersedes my time on this Earth. If He can use this small town girl who has never liked the sound of her own voice to touch someone, then I am truly blessed.

So hello, Fort Collins! I can’t wait to get to know you.


If you’re in Northern Colorado, you can listen to 99.1 FM weekdays 10a-3p. Or stream worldwide at K99.com or the K99 mobile app.

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