What Time Do You Brunch?

The timing of brunch can be as delicate as the balance between breakfast and lunch flavors.

Make no mistake, I’m a girl who brunches. Actually, I’m more of a girl who breakfasts, but many of my girlfriends are not morning people so I’ve had to adjust a bit. If I want to enjoy breakfast foods with them, it won’t be before 10 a.m. Although I prefer a 10 a.m. arrival to our brunch location, I will settle for brunch around 11 a.m.

That’s why it’s called “brunch” right?

It’s a meal that is meant to be enjoyed between BR-eakfast and l-UNCH. So, when did brunch turn into a meal you eat at any point during the day? I’ve had girlfriends say “let’s brunch” and when I ask what time, they suggest 1 p.m. What?! That’s lunch, in my humble, often incorrect, opinion. I have even seen menus at various restaurants that offer “bunch specials” until 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. It sounds insane to me… unless it’s followed by “bottomless mimosas.”

Nonetheless, by the afternoon I will have already eaten two meals and the word brunch goes completely out the window.

Am I crazy?

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