How to Make This Super Easy Candy Wreath [PHOTOS]

Forget tying knots or threading ribbon, this wreath can be made in no time!

Recently I have been spending more time with my grandmother. She’s been teaching me how to make various things, including this adorable, super-simple candy wreath. It’s something she did with her kids when they were young and she assured me that this is something I will do with my kids.

And it couldn’t be easier.

First you need a thick wire hanger. You can use the hanger in its entirety, but the candy may weight it down and make you wreath oblong. My grandma cuts the wire hanger with wire cutters and then glues the bottom pieces on top of each other with a hot glue gun. This give you the ability to customize the size and shape of your wreath.

You also need a ton of wrapped candy. This candy is the only one that works because of the wrapper tails. You’ll see why in a minute.

Candy Wreath - Miss Radio Jess

Next, tie a piece of ribbon around the top of the hanger. Make sure your knot is tight.

Candy Wreath - Miss Radio Jess

From there, you will grab candy piece by piece and place the tail of the candy on the hanger. Wrap the ribbon around the candy wrapper and hanger, and pull it tight. While holding the first piece of candy, repeat the process with the next piece of candy and the next moving clockwise around the hanger.

Candy Wreath - Miss Radio Jess

You want the candy to bunch up. Feel free to push the candy together each time while also pulling the ribbon tight. You’ll notice that the candy will find where it fits without you having to move them too much. If you see gaps as you go along, you can double back with the ribbon and fill in with more candy.

Don’t feel that you are stuck wrapping until you fall over. If you need to take a break, just grab a clothes pin or a small chip clip and clip your ribbon against the hanger. Grandma and I did this before we had lunch.

Candy Wreath - Miss Radio Jess

You don’t have to have a continuous ribbon around the entire hanger. My grandma and I use about a foot of ribbon at a time which helps us insure that the ribbon is tight. When we get near the end of that piece, we cut another and tie it on. Don’t worry if these knots have long tails. You can cut them down later or curl them to add a little flair.

When you reach the top of the hanger again, tie off your ribbon. From here you can get creative with the finishing touches. I added a large bow to the top of mine. Add more ribbon, bells, tinsel, etc. Whatever your heart desires.

Candy Wreath - Miss Radio Jess

Get creative with your candy if you choose. We picked random goodies for our wreaths, but you could easily color coordinate with different wrappers or even create a pattern with the candies you choose. Again, this is a creative project so have fun with it!

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