Thank You For Wearing a Name Tag

Name tags. Ever notice how little we use them?

If you haven’t, I’ve noticed for you and I decided quite sometime ago that I wanted to do something about them. To put it simply, I use them. That tag displays a name that identifies a person who is, at least for a moment, in your life. Suddenly, they are not just the cashier or the waiter, they’re “Ashley” or “Justin.” They’re human. They’re real.

So why don’t we use them?

Maybe we’re too busy to look up from our menus or checkbooks. Maybe we feel we don’t need to know their name until they do something wrong so we can holler at the manager. Maybe we’ve already, subconsciously, deemed them unworthy of a second glance.

It’s kind of sad when you think about it.

With this in mind, I decided make a small change that, for all I know, could make a huge difference in someone’s life. We are called to love. Plain and simple. And I think this is an easy way to show love.

By calling someone by their name.

I’ve made a huge effort to thank people by name and I’ve noticed this typically catches them off guard. At first, you can see in their eyes that they aren’t quite sure why you know their name, but it always ends the same way… with a smile. It’s such an easy way to show someone, “Hey, I see you.” Couple that with a “thank you” and I believe it can turn someone’s day around, maybe even more.

Our society today struggles with feeling worthy. We don’t take enough time to notice our brothers and sisters around us each and every day. People want to feel like they matter, even in the smallest of ways.

It’s the same idea behind remembering someone’s name upon meeting them. It shows that you thought enough of them to take note of who they are. Really want a challenge? Try remembering the customer service rep’s name the next time you call to complain about your credit card bill or need technological advice. (I try really hard on this one).

We all want people, even strangers, to know our name. It gives us a sense of validation.

So why not give that to everyone, everyday? Try it.

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