Bachelorette in the SBC… Or Better Yet, Paradise


Earlier this year I had the absolute pleasure of hosting my cousin’s bachelorette party. The ladies rounded up in Dallas and traveled to the land of casinos, crawfish and crazy good Cajun times. My sweet husband was kind enough to vacate the property for the weekend.

It was three days of nonstop laughter, dancing and of course adult beverages.

I was nervous to host such a pivotal event in her life so I enlisted the help of my K945 listeners. They told me the best places to go for a bachelorette party were Superior Grill, El Dorado’s Celebrity Lounge, Margaritaville for gambling and Central Station for the drag show.

To top it all off, I scored a sweet deal on a limo for all of us to travel in style.

It was one of the most fun weekends in my house and I never saw the floor the entire time. Air mattresses, clothes, makeup, shoes, hair products… everywhere. And I didn’t care one bit.

Oh, and I got to check off another item on my “30 for 30” list… Host a part for someone else.


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