Marriage: The Greatest Gift

It’s pretty safe to say that I have been pretty busy. Between wedding planning, flight school graduation planning, Drop Night, moving, and trying not to have my face breakout or gain weight, I am two setbacks away from a meltdown, maybe three. I mean, it’s still June, right?

It’s the last day of SEPTEMBER?!

(deep breath)

All of my weekends have been planned out for me for the rest of the year and that includes premarital counseling. It is not required for us to enter into this kind of process however, we take our marriage super seriously and we are about to embark on a crazy Air Force journey.

We’re reading a book titled, “The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy Keller. Chapter four hit me like a ton of bricks and really has set me on fire about my marriage. Even if you don’t plan on reading the book in its entirety, I high recommend you snag a corner spot on the floor at the bookstore and read this chapter.

Keller talks about marriage in a way that I never thought of before. I know that the Lord created spouses as helpers in this world however, I severely underestimated the power that the Lord places in and on marriage. He lives and moves and breathes through marriage. Marriage is the closest we get to the sacrificial love of the Father. It is our responsibility as husbands and wives to make sure that we are pushing our spouses toward the image/life/person that God intended for them.

This, of course, takes time, love, energy, effort, sacrifice, and, above all, commitment.

When we stand up at the altar, dressed to the nines, we are not only laying our relationship down at the feet of Christ. We dedicate our lives to Him and to each other. This resembles that moment when we stand before the Lord when our time has come, and he looks down at us saying, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” We are presented holy and blameless at that time.

As I read Keller’s words describing this moment, I became overwhelmed with emotion. It ignited a fire in me to serve my future husband in this way. It has also made me love my future husband so much more than I ever thought was possible. I know there will be bumps along the way, but I fully intend to cultivate this love and passion so it grows uncontrollably.

In addition, so much of this chapter talks about placing your marriage before everything else in this life. Problems will arise if you allow other feeble things to become bigger than your marriage. In the garden, when Adam was lonely, what did God give him? A wife. He did not give him a job, a big house, a vacation, or even a child. He gave him marriage. And Adam cried out, “At last.”

Adam received a best friend. A companion. A partner… An “everything.”

How beautiful is it that God allows us to enter into this union?

It just leaves me speechless.

But one thing I can say for sure… “I can’t WAIT to get married.”



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