My DIY Dancin’ Shoes

I’ve got my glass slippers!

Okay, so they’re not glass and I couldn’t see myself wearing them with my pajamas, but I’ve got my wedding shoes. It took a few weeks of “sole searching,” but I finally found the foundation of my wedding get-up.

I originally wanted to do blue shoes, but my mother encouraged me to stay away from that route. My dress has a lot of lace on it and she worried that an air-force-blue shoe may take away from the delicate, classic look I have going. She wanted me to strive for a princess shoe. And I agreed.

The shoes I bought are “Diana” by David’s Bridal. You can’t get more princess than Diana, right?


They’re so classy and, above all, comfortable. However, I still wanted to step it up a bit.

I had seen an idea to decoupage the sole of the shoe with glitter on Pinterest and thought, “This is it.” After gaining favor from my mother, I set off to Michael’s for a little DIY shopping. I picked up some seal-and-set decoupage glue from Martha Stewart’s collection, fabric tape, glitter and some foam brushes.


Then I covered my dining room table with some old ads from the paper. I didn’t use the actual newspaper, for fear of the black running on my shoes. I found the ads had more of a magazine-like finish.

I knew I wanted extra fine glitter that really caught the light. I was unable to find glitter in my exact wedding color, but found two colors that I could combine for the perfect shade. I mixed equal parts to begin and then eyeballed a little here and there.


My biggest fear was getting the decoupage on the actual shoe. The satin finish would never release the glue so I wrapped my shoes for protection. Using old grocery bags and fabric tape, I covered every part of the shoe except the sole. Yes, the sole is actually cloth-like but I wasn’t too concerned about the glue not sticking. All of my research said there is nothing you can’t decoupage, so I ran with it.

IMG_3694Wrapping these babies was time consuming, but is arguably the most important step.

I mixed about half of a bottle of the decoupage glue directly into the glitter. I mixed it with a popsicle stick. This I also eyeballed. I wanted a mixture that was equal glitter to decoupage. Almost as if the glitter was the decoupage.

Then it was painting time.

I realized quickly that this was not a job for the impatient. I gave up on the foam brush and instead opted for a regular thin paint brush with a square head. It was much smaller and took more time, but I liked the sturdiness of the bristles and felt that I had more control over the decoupage that could have easily become a goopy mess. I stayed within the tan part of the shoe leaving the brown portion as a border.


I painted one layer and set them up to dry. I gave them a day to dry before adding a second coat. This coat was more of a filler. After the first coat dried, I found little parts that weren’t evenly covered. The second coat fixed that. I was also able to clean up my edges. Again, I let this layer dry for a day.

Once the second layer was dry, I painted a layer of plain clear decoupage over the entire sole, including the brown border for a better seal. I chose to do this because the decoupage I bought was labeled a sealant as well. I let that dry for a day, then went over the entire sole with a second layer of clear decoupage.

Keep in mind these are not thick layers, just enough to cover the glitter. Again, a day to dry. Call me crazy, but I wanted that stuff to stay!

Then I peeled off my fabric tape and ghetto covering. I had a little issue where the heel meets the actual shoe. The tape pulled up a little of the decoupage. I did a little “steady handwork” to reinforce and seal those edges. It doesn’t concern me because that is a part of the shoe that is almost never touched. I had saved my decoupage-glitter concoction in a sealed container. In this case, a muffin cup container.

Hey, use what you have, right?


The end result is stunning! And no matter how many times my fiance says, “No one sees the bottom of your shoes,” I still love them. And you know what? Wedding planning has made me realize that you can’t control everything, so if this peels off before I even get to the chapel…


No one sees the bottom of your shoes.


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