This Is It

“This is it,” my fiance said, almost in wonder of the gravity those three words carried.

We had been looking at houses for nine hours. We had been to numerous neighborhoods, stood in numerous yards, kitchens and garages, and sat in numerous bathtubs. Ok, maybe that last one was just me. We had laid on bedroom floors, sat at imaginary dining room tables, and rang every doorbell.

The house we were standing in now was the only one we visited a second time. And as I began documenting the house through pictures, I heard my fiance say it.

“This is it.”

My heart skipped a beat, but I continued to mind my own business, enthralled in my iPhone. He knew I was in love with this house. I had said this was the house to beat. I raved about the layout, the yard, the tub, the crown molding, the closet, the counter tops, the vantage points to spy on our neighbors… all of it. Yet I didn’t want to sway his decision in this moment.

This is a moment that he had dreamed about for years. Finding the perfect roof and walls to house the love of his life, to start his own family and to begin the most epic chapter in our lives.

Before I knew it, he was talking shop with our realtor. We then met with the home builder. And after hours of contracts, initials, signatures, and long looks of love and adoration (between me and him, of course), we bought a house. And it’s absolutely perfect. It screams Biggy and Jiggy (our terms of endearment). It’s simple, yet elegant. It’s spacious, yet concise. I couldn’t imagine beginning our life together under any other roof.

During the course of the long Independence Day weekend, we drove down that street a dozen times just to stare at the “Sold” sign. In our last pilgrimage, we stood on the front porch holding one another and fighting back tears. Even now, I get a little teary-eyed thinking about what that house means. And I chuckle when I think that we found our home on the weekend in which we celebrate our independence as a nation.

We, too, found our independence. And it came in the form of our dream home.


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