I Said Yes… To The Dress

That’s right! The moment that every bride looks forward to happened to me… I found the dress!

It was all a part of the wedding planning week that my mom and I scheduled. It’s been difficult planning this wedding with her 1,500 miles away. And to cap it all off, the venue we are getting married in is over 100 miles away from where I live. Needless to say, it feels like I’m planning some fairytale that will never come to pass.

I believe as the elements of planning become more tangible it will all become real.

So, I took vacation time and she made arrangements to fly to the great state of Texas. (Side note: I’ve noticed that I can’t say just “Texas” anymore. It always has to be preceded by “the great state of…” I blame my job.) Although it hurt a little to take time off work without being on a white beach paired with crystal clear water topped with a margarita in my hand, I hadn’t seen my mother in a year and a half and was craving some mommy-and-me time.

I think I almost broke her.

I ran her ragged. I’m sure she went back to California thinking that I’m the craziest woman alive. She probably sat on the back porch looking out on that vast gorgeous meadow trying to figure out where she went wrong as a mother, quietly asking the Lord why He gave her a little bundle of blonde curls when she was doing so well with her boys.

She and my dad landed in Dallas super late on Sunday. My dad has somehow acquired the characteristic of picking horrible flight times that only crazed Wall Street men, delusional teenagers or crocked rock stars would choose. I knew my mom was tired on Monday, but it was game time.

Our first stop was David’s Bridal and we were set up with our consultant, Paul. What a heaven-send this man was! He was patient, funny, super creative and definitely not shy. I tried on a wide variety of styles but it became clear fairly quickly that I was attracted to the fit and flare silhouette. My problem was I could see myself “making it work” in almost all of them.

We narrowed down dresses by this criteria:

-Can I sit and/or crouch down with kids?

-Is the dress excessively partial to snags?

-Does it fit the idea of our classic romantic winter wedding?

-Will this terrify/annoy my fiance as I walk down the aisle?

After about a dozen dresses, we were down to two. I had been dolled up, elated up, fed up, and asked to walk in both of them. As we went through our criteria again, it became apparent which one we were both leaning toward. And yet, I couldn’t say yes. It was so easy to say yes to my fiance’s proposal, but I just couldn’t commit to this dress. So I called timeout.

My mother and I went to lunch and got our favorite… big, sloppy, juicy burgers from Jake’s.

I sat at that table completely frustrated. I began questioning everything. Would I like this dress six months from now? Should we go to the other store tomorrow? Will my guests question what I was thinking? Is this the bride that I want to be? Will I look back at these pictures 20 years from now and still feel completely in love with that dress?

I was a mess. But I gave myself a pat on the back for not crying.

We went back to David’s to look at dresses for my mom. Paul insisted that I try the dress on again and my mom concurred. I insisted on looking at dresses for my mom, but quickly lost that battle. I put on the dress, walked out, and looked in the mirror as Paul pulled the dress tight clipping it in the back. I saw the dress become a part of me. He turned me around and put the veil on as well as some jewelry. When I turned back to look in the mirror, I saw myself as my fiance would see me on our wedding day.

There came the tears.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in that dress, walking all over the store and digging through racks of dresses for my mom. Several customers complimented how I looked in it. At some point I forgot that I had it on. I was a goddess in that dress and I felt completely stunning. It finally came time to pay, so I took the dress off and put on my exceptionally boring peasant clothes.

And then dad called.

He was five minutes away and wanted to see it. The look on his face solidified the purchase. “Classy” was the word he always used on those nights getting ready for prom or homecoming and “classy” is the word he used when he saw me in my wedding dress.


We canceled our appointment with the other store since my mom found her dress at David’s too. She looks so completely stunning in it! And then we went to work on other wedding things. We met with a florist, booked a DJ (thank you to my aunt for that), looked at jewelry, visited the venue to map out the ceremony and reception, got a fourth bridesmaid (since one of mine had to cancel) and had them all order their dresses, met with some spray tan professionals, squeezed in a hair appointment to talk styles (thank you to my cousin for that), and even talked a little makeup. I’m sure we did other things too, I just can’t remember.

All of that in four days.


Unfortunately, I won’t be posting a picture. the fiance is very sneaky sometimes.


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