My First 18

I’m not crazy, am I? Memorial day was almost a month ago. So I’m either extremely lazy or I’m not taking this “30 Before 30” list seriously.

I spent a wonderful extended weekend with my fiance in which we played golf… 18 holes of golf to be exact. This was my first attempt at such a long task, so let me paint a picture for you.

My fiance loooves golf and has been playing since he was about 12 years old. As for me, it’s a different story. Despite growing up on 40 acres of a golfer’s dream, I despised the sport. Never understood it, always thought it was boring and thoroughly believed I would never pick up a club.

And then I fell in love.

With a boy, not golf. This boy has a vision that I will one day enjoy the sport as much as him. So far, I’m just too competitive for this game. I enjoy smacking the heck out of a softball or slamming down a volleyball, but this whole “let the club work for you” biz is for the birds! Or better yet,  “birdies.”

Okay, it’s not that terrible, it’s just very new.

So he asked if I wanted to do a full 18 holes and, on a weekend that we are supposed to honor our military, I couldn’t say no. This was a hefty task since I had not played in about two years, and by playing I mean learning. Texas in May is always hot so we rented a cart. I was hitting a little bit of a stride at “the turn” however, exhaustion was evident. The fiance shoved a Twix bar in my face and I had the boost I needed for about five more holes. The last four were atrocious.

But… I did it.

There will be many more trips like this for me and I’m completely okay with that. I love my fiance very much and will gladly make a fool of myself so that he can take part in one of his loves. As long as he doesn’t love it more than me.

For the record, I shot a 138 and my man gracefully spanked the pants off of me with a 97.


2 thoughts on “My First 18

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  1. The game takes time, like chess. You may play your whole life, and never be great. Just have fun and you will improve, very little improvement adds up to a big gain over time. Weight loss, exercise, all work the same…no single raindrop believes it’s responsible for the flood but it adds up. EBR shot a 97? Not bad… If he hassles you, just remind him who has a hole in one playing in a tournament. With countless witnesses, and pictures. That should make you feel better!

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