Facial Faceoff

Earlier this week I talked about the wedding planning process slowly peeling back the layers of my tomboy shell.

Well folks, this girl went in for a facial!

I have to admit, it was not as froo-froo as I thought it was going to be. It was actual work. The biggest problem with my face is that I have been too aggressive with it. I would get a breakout and then squeeze the poo out of it until it was gone. Then I had to deal with the bleeding, scabbing, redness, puffiness, and then a lovely scar.

My lesson yesterday was to quit it!

I went to La Bella Visage in Waco and Misty took care of me. I sat in that chair for a long time as she extracted all of the gunk out of my face without damaging my pores. Apparently when you squeeze a blemish you risk pushing the impurities back into your pore and expanding its bottom. You also can tear the pore at the surface opening it up for more dirt and irritation. My new rule is to stop touching my face altogether.

Misty then painted on a mask, ran a high frequency wand over my face (to kill surface bacteria) and rubbed a few different serums on my skin. I left feeling like my face could breathe and, with all the dirt she removed, I felt about two pounds lighter.

If there ever was a way to spring clean your face, this is it.

My original (and free) consultation was last week. Misty and I talked about my blemish history, my routine, as well as any and all products that touch my face. She recommended a new skin care system as well as makeup. Rule number two for me: cleanse and tone. I use a hydrating cleanser with a little bit of salicylic acid in it every morning and night, followed by a toner that I spray on my face. Both are B. Kamins products.

So far, I love this product!

Although Misty says smell isn’t important, I love the minty smell of the cleanser. Something about mint makes everything so fresh and clean. My homework is to make my new routine a habit. I am scheduled to go back for a dermabrasion treatment next month. I have no idea what that word means, but I’m sure it will help with my acne scarring.

Phase two to commence in 4 weeks.


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