I’m A Recovering Tomboy

This wedding is changing my life. I know what you’re thinking right now, “Duh Jess! You’re getting married. Your time as a single woman is over. Your days and nights will now consist of another human being. Another living, breathing, complaining, loving and feeling person will be in your life 24/7.”


However, I have found that I am shedding my tomboy shell more than ever.

You see, I grew up playing sports, watching sports, wittlin’ sticks, spittin’ watermelon seeds and chopping wood. My poor mother would dress me in dainty girl clothes and curl my hair. Like any other 90’s little girl, I had the black patent shoes accompanied by the white socks with lace trim. By the time I came home from school my clothes would be filthy and my hair would be in a raggedy ponytail. My biggest concern in life was working on my baseball swing or mastering the football spiral. It was the only way my brother would let me play.

I went through the same awkward pre-teen and teen years wishing I looked like some of my classmates. My envy only drove me further into sports. It was my safe zone. In college it was more of the same. I didn’t get how girls had it all put together. Clear skin, silky hair, and flawless outfits. I tried for quite awhile to change and did just enough to snag a boy, who just so happens to be my fiance.

Funny how that works.

Upon graduation I was a 170lb. blonde mess. Now we get why I chose radio broadcasting over television. It took me about two years to lose the weight and begin to feel comfortable in my own acne-prone skin. Believe me, I hid my insecurities pretty well behind a who-gives-a-hoot attitude.

After the love of my life dropped to his knee, I decided it was time to do something about the things I didn’t like.

Now, I’m curling my hair, wearing clothes that make me feel like a woman and going in for a facial. Yeah, not something I ever would have pictured myself doing, but that glowing bridal skin is what I want for my wedding day so it’s time to make that happen. In a way, losing the weight was easier for me. Guess I owe that to my athletic background.

Bottom line, I am sick of waiting and wishing to look my best. I’m just going for it. I’m shedding the idea that spending time on myself is selfish. I now see it as an investment in the Lord’s temple. Taking care of myself now will benefit me, my fiance and my future kiddos.

Amazing that planning a wedding is what finally made me woke up.


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