This Weekend I… (v.8)

Aside from amping up my workout routine (Can you say wedding dress shopping?), this weekend was pretty chill for me.

One of the aspects of my job that can be really fun is remotes. I have opportunity to see some pretty cool businesses, be a part of some really meaningful events and meet some interesting people. It still astounds me that people want to meet… me.

But I love hearing them talk to me as if they have known me for years.

I’ve never really liked to think that I am a celebrity. I know, wrong business, right? However, I would much rather look at myself as someone who just has a lot of friends. I want people to feel comfortable around me and if I can be that person feel they can talk to then, in my opinion, I have done my job.

I spent a good deal of time on Saturday with one of my bridesmaids doing what we do best, hanging out by the pool and gossiping. Sarah always makes me smile so much that I go home with sore cheeks. Side note… you can really tell you’re getting older when the ratio of sunscreen to tanning lotion starts to change. Suddenly, you’re a lot more worried about burning and contracting skin cancer than getting that savage-like tan.

My Sundays have been converted to wedding-planning days. They used to be novel-writing days, but with 6 months until the big day (eeeeeeeek!) my novel has been put on the shelf, no pun intended. This Sunday I was determined to finish our wedding registry.

Good try, Jess.

There was so much to research. I wanted to make sure I was getting quality stuff at a reasonable price. And no matter how much people tell me to splurge, I refuse. I am not comfortable asking people to buy us a $250 pan, you know? No matter how much people want to live vicariously through my fiance and I, we tend to like things on the simpler side.

I looked for a lot of sets and combo items. I took the advice of wedding sites telling me to go for both big and small items. This way groups can go in on a gift while others don’t have to break the bank.

Unfortunately, 5 hours at the computer got the basics, but really only covered the kitchen, bed sets and towels.

Do you know how hard it is to pick out bedding that’s not too girly for your fiance and that goes well with just about every floor plan because you have no idea what your house is going to look like? Not entirely easy. I’m also the one who registers for brown towels. Mostly because I love browns and golds accented with a bright color in a house, but also because a white towel usually becomes brown after one wipe over a makeup-covered face.

Did I mention I’m terrible at laundry?

But please don’t think I’m complaining. Getting married is truly the greatest time of my life!


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