Radio Gold

I am by no means a “radio professional.” I carry myself professionally, but being in the business for a measly four years doesn’t qualify me as a guru in my mind. Of course, many DJs are just big goofballs so the term “professional” is generally used loosely.

But I digress.

Being in my early 20s, I still have a lot to learn. That being said, in my research of syndicated morning shows, I have found a common thread. Let’s call it the Tremendous Trio, for the sake of alliteration. These shows are composed of three characters.

The Lead

The ringleader is generally a quirky, slightly attractive male that is very good at his job. A bit nerdy, he is never mistaken for a stud, but you find him charming and sexy because of his smooth voice and ability to get into and out of breaks flawlessly. His commentary is humorous, understated and relative. Creativity is his strong suit. He’s every guy’s wingman and every gal’s best friend.

The Jock

Using “Jock” selectively, this character is a male and tends to be the Lead’s second banana. He laughs at all the Lead’s jokes, even though most of them tend to be at his expense. He’s cocky, a guinea pig and generally doesn’t give a darn about what anyone thinks of him. He thrives on his silliness. He is always sent out in the world to do stunts, take polls, ask questions, play pranks and act a fool. He’s both the life of the party and the reason the neighbors call the cops.

The Beauty

Much like me and my big brothers, the female is the shows saving grace. The women flock to her as they defend her against the Lead and Jock. No matter how awful her voice, the men find her downright sexy. Although she’s not perfect, her humility makes her appear to be flawless. She tends to be very attractive and blonde. This combination of beauty and ability to play the “airhead” makes her a knockout. Her wit and sporadic trivia knowledge make her all the more endearing. All the guys want to date her, all the girls want to be her.

With this combination, all senses of humor and topics of interest are covered. Differing opinions make for great debates. Commonality makes for lifelong bonds. You’re bound to find something that reminds you of yourself, as well as a group of people you feel like you’ve known for years.



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