That Time I Bawled During A Kids’ Movie

It was a Sunday afternoon and the sun was shining. I was spending time with my wonderful fiance doing what we do best, watching a movie made for children.

No one was cutting onions.

At least not that I can remember. I’m also pretty sure that I don’t suffer from allergies, a bug didn’t fly into my eye and I didn’t eat something spicy.

Yet I was crying.

Not sobbing, but tears were definitely multiplying just as quickly as they were jumping ship from my ducts. Who does this? Who sits through a comedy, directed at children and openly weeps? Apparently, me.

If you haven’t seen the movie, The Croods, I’m about to ruin it for you.

In the film the father, Grug, is battling with the only rules he has ever known when it comes to protecting his family. A young man named Guy changes all of that. Grug finally comes to grips with this change and just when he is about to get his family to safety, he is faced with a major challenge.

Grug risks his life protecting his family. Knowing that he won’t be able to save himself, he uses his greatest asset (his strength) to throw his family to safety.

I lost it.

This was an incredible act of humility and selflessness. This man, as stubborn as he was, put his family ahead of himself, always. What a beautiful picture of what a man, husband and father should be.

Of course, I cried when Eep is calling for her father when the world is falling apart. Not knowing if he would survive. And for some odd reason, I sniffled when Eep and Guy began to fall in love. Oh, and then there was the part when Guy took the family on top of the tree to see the stars.

I know, what a softie.

Chalk it up to PMS, or the engagement hormones, or heck… the cinematic freak within me, but this movie had such a powerful moment. What a glimpse into my future this was. I’ll be the mom crying at every movie, sporting event, school play, report card, driver’s test… everything.

Just look for the family photos. I’ll be the one with the red, puffy eyes.


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