This Weekend I… (v.5)

This weekend was crazy! My fiance and I were constantly in motion, but despite the hustle and bustle it was a great time together.

Friday night started off with the fiance giving a speech at the Baylor Aviation Sciences Spring Banquet. He did phenomenal… And looked quite charming in his service dress, but I’m kind of biased.




Shout out to the woman who congratulated me on my man. Yes, I have done well for myself. No, you cannot have him.

Saturday was an early morning, starting with something every man loves to wake up to… engagement photos. As the fiance put it, “I’m getting a lot of Jess time today.” You betcha! Three hours of my face and a man with a camera. We had a blast! And amazingly, my hair retained some sort of curl. Here is your sneak peek… a.k.a. me snapping a pick of myself getting in the car at the end.


From there, we headed straight to Fort Worth for NASCAR! It was our first experience with this event. Aside from Kyle Busch winning, it was an enjoyable time with the Air Force peeps. Those people have become family to me.






Sunday, we took a little trip to the Joint Reserve Base, formerly Carswell AFB. I had never been on a naval base before, so it was a learning experience. Oh course, I also made him read every little plaque we could find. Including one giving the details about my fiance’s “other woman”…


Carswell used to be the home of the B-52… Again, something new for me to learn.

After killing some time there, we went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. After watching a kid get sprayed in the face by the fountain, we did what we do best… acted like wide-eyed children. And check out this awesome skylight when you first walk into the museum.


It’s weekends like this that bond me to my fiance. Obviously, we aren’t having a typical engagement period since we see each other about once or twice a month. However, our love grows more and more.

I couldn’t imagine life without this man.


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