The Power of Words

“Goodnight Jess, I love you.”

Five words. Five words that could easily be disregarded. Five words that could become redundant or exhausted. But if you knew how long I had waited to hear those words come out of his mouth, how many times I dreamed to see these texts pop up on my phone attached to the name that I treasured for years, or how often I wished on a star to know and feel his love, then maybe, just maybe, you would understand how much weight those five little words mean to me.

I met my fiance five years ago after a basketball game. And while it has all worked out in the end, he broke up with me in our first round of dating. We were so young and he wanted to become a man, establish himself and learn about himself, to better take care of me. He had a plan.

Risky? Yes. But oh so romantic at the same time.

I spent the next two and a half years waiting, hoping, wishing, hating, loving and, most importantly, praying. Thankfully the Lord’s plan prevailed and brought us back together.

So you see, those words are not just an emotion. They are a promise; a commitment. A promise that I am the last thing on his mind each night, that the final words that cross his lips are “I love you.” And with that comes a commitment. A commitment to me, to us, to our future.

Those words hold so much power that to disregard them, to allow them to become redundant or exhausted, would be telling my fiance that he is not good enough.

So often I think we forget how powerful our words really are.

They can be used to mend, heal and admire, but in the same breath they can destroy, cripple and belittle. The Bible talks about this same power and tells us that our tongues hold both life and death. Amazing that something so small can be the strongest part of our very being.

It’s been said that our tongue is merely a puppet to that which lies within. If our souls and minds are not right, how on Earth do we expect our tongues to proclaim truth and light? Of course, this opens up a whole new can of worms that I’m not sure I’m ready to explore. I mean, that which is written on our heart is the definition of ourselves.

However, the lesson that I learned from those five simple words as lay, snuggled in my bed, clutching my phone, is to pay attention to the words that come out of my mouth; speak the good, because you may never have another chance and bridle the bad because you may never be able to take those words back.


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