This Weekend I… (v. 3)

On Friday of this weekend I got to see a very dear friend of mine who I have not seen in at least four years. When I knew her she was in Seminary school, single and picking me up from a pretty big fall in my life. Now she is using her degree, she’s married and has two beautiful and polite boys who readily called me Auntie Jess.

After that it was off to my Maid of Honor’s house for a little Bachelor and vino. A much-needed date night after the Friday I had at work. A day that led me to post a sign on my studio door saying “Do Not Disturb.” A sign that led to our receptionist telling everyone that I was grumpy. It seems like Fridays are usually my busiest and worst days of the week, but I digress.

Saturday I had the pleasure of finishing up production on the 23-commercial order I received on Friday. I believe you’re seeing why I was grumpy that day. Then I went for a nice long run. I’m training for a half marathon and I felt completely invincible on this run.

Then it was off to Mexia for Aaron Watson. I had the pleasure of bringing him out on stage and, of course, he put on a fantastic show. Plus he came out on stage to “Thunderstruck.” Straight ballin’.

aaron watson

Sundays are usually my novel-writing days and this one was no different. The only difference was that I was not well-rested after seeing Aaron Watson the night before. Hence the Venti mocha with an extra shot of espresso next to me.


I squeezed a chapter out of my exhausted mind and then rewarded myself with a Baylor baseball game. Which they lost. But it is still my favorite time of year. I think I may have actually got some sun on this pale body of mine!


After that it was back to training for my half marathon and a well-deserved early bedtime.

I loved this weekend, but I have a feeling next weekend will be even better. You’ll see why.


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