Good Always Wins

About a month ago, I posted about the unexpected closing of my wedding venue. We had already put down a deposit and we’re preparing to make our first payment.

And then we didn’t have a venue.

Turns out the owner took off with everyone’s money, leaving plenty of brides without a venue and destroying their dreams of the perfect wedding day. We were lucky to get out of it without making a first payment. In fact, we just received confirmation that we will be credited back the money we did lose. Something that was up in the air for the last couple of months.


Now the planning is back on track. We’ve since signed on with a new venue, a better venue. We had to delay our date a week, but I know these people will take care of us, unlike the “Wedding Witches.” They are an all-inclusive venue and have given us two discounts: one for getting married in an off month and another for it being a military wedding. If that wasn’t enough, we’re saving close to $1,500.


Riding this wave of awesomeness, I caved and got myself a Pinterest account. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been excited to get inspired. I booked our wedding photographer as well. His name is Josh and he went to Baylor with my fiance and I. He will also be handling our engagement photos.

Yeah, about those engagement photos.

We’ll get to that… eventually.


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