This Weekend I… (v. 2)

A day late posting this, but hey… I never claimed to be the world’s best blogger. And my weekend wasn’t as cool as the last one.

This weekend I…

On Friday, I worked extra long due to a remote broadcast for Dr. Pepper. The location hung this banner for me. How sweet is this?


Following the broadcast I thought I was in for the night, but instead went out with some of my guy friends from college. The evening started at Jason’s Deli.


Then we went to see Gangster Squad. I was ecstatic to drool over Ryan Gosling, but the gore was a bit over the top. Honestly, they could have made a great movie without many of those scenes, including the opening one. However, they did have an awesome scene in the Burbank jail when the squad is busting out. There is plenty of gunfire in the dark. With each flash of the gun, the frame pauses. It was awesome. Coming from a Film minor, of course.

Saturday is picture-less because I made a promise to myself to turn off my phone and actually take a day off. I had been going non-stop for everyone else and decided it was time to hang out with Jess. I did run 6 miles though which has NEVER happened… Go figure.

On Sunday, I drove to Killeen for a wedding shower. I know, a wedding shower on Super Bowl Sunday?! Don’t worry it was a 2 in the afternoon and I was back in time for kickoff. It was for a dear friend of mine who I met while living in New York City. She also happens to be one of my bridesmaids.


Oh yeah… And I told you the Ravens would win! Cheers to next weekend… We’re all working for it, right?


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