This Weekend, I… (v. 1)

I’ve seen this on a few other blogs and liked it! Here is my attempt.

This weekend I spent three wonderful days with my fiance. We do our best to see each other at least once a month and Fort Worth was our meet-up destination.

Up first was a little exploring of Sundance Square in downtown. If you haven’t been I highly recommend it. We fell in love almost immediately.  Then it was dinner time and I did my best to “wow” my man. After sushi and drinks we headed over to Pete’s Piano Bar and spent the night singing at the top of our lungs and watching people fall all over themselves.

FW 1

  The next day we headed to the Vintage Flying Museum. The sweet man there talked our ears off. He was so happy to have another Air Force man in the building. They gabbed on and on sharing stories. Meanwhile I made friends with the cross-eyed resident cat, Sammy.

FW 2

FW 3

FW 4  Our original reason for being in the area was to go to the Baylor vs. TCU basketball game. Which we did with a group of friends we hadn’t seen since our college days. It made for a sweet reunion. And the Bears came away with the W.

FW 6

FW 5

Our last outing was to Jake’s Burgers where we stuffed our face with food that is most definitely NOT on the Wedding Diet. Then headed over to Bass Performance Hall for a unique experience. After a cocktail on the balcony we watched my all-time favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz as the Fort Worth Orchestra played the soundtrack live.

FW 8

FW 7

On Sunday it was a sleep in and then grab Freebirds kind of day. It’s weekends like this that I love the most since I get to spend them with the man I love the most.

Plus it never hurts to see the Bears take down the Horned Frogs. Welcome to the Big XII!


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