The Wedding Witches

They’re out there. I promise.

And just who are they? They are people who don’t want to see you get married. People who could care less about your happiness. People who steal from you.

They can come in the form of people around you. Those whom you love and trust. Or at least you thought you did. Of course, they can always come in the form of people who are actually in the business of weddings.

And that’s where my story begins…

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you would know that we had signed on with a venue back in November. Deposit paid, we were preparing to pay our first installment. That’s when this happened:

Yep, you read that right. The owner of the venue decided to skip town, with everyone’s money in tow. She broke the all-hallowed “Bride Code” and she conned quite a few people. A lot of publications in the area have tried to defend the owner, telling me that it is sad when a venue can’t pay their bills and goes bankrupt.

Clearly, that’s not what happened.

When told this, I tried very hard not to laugh in these people’s faces. In the midst of my polite disagreement, I pointed out the fact that the credit card I had used to put down a deposit had been used again in Virginia. A state that I have never done business with, let alone visited.

This owner is a criminal. She stole money, identities and many “Big Days.”

I was fortunate enough to get my money back and have done my best to slap on a smile and move on. But my heart breaks for those who were getting married that month, that week, or even that next day. I pray that their precious wedding days turn out to be bigger and better than they ever dreamed. And that their marriages are fully of more joy and love than this owner will ever hope to experience in her lifetime.

That being said, where one door closes another one opens. I believe I have found an even better venue… for a better price.

In your face, Wicked Witch of Weddings!


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