I was blessed this Christmas because I had multiple things that I wanted to get my fiance. Sometimes it is so hard to shop for someone! However, I had waited too long to order anything online and the jacket that I bought him was too small. I determined this by having one of my guy friends try it on, he’s a little smaller, and it was snug on him. The store was out of his actual size or even the next size up. So I returned the jacket altogether.


Here I was, a week out from Christmas and I was starting from square one. And then a brick hit me… Literally! I saw an email that day about the Baylor Stadium Bricks.


I bought one immediately! We won’t see it until 2014 when the stadium is complete, but it will be something that is there for years and years to come. The old stadium, Floyd Casey Stadium, will see its last season in 2013. It has been in use for over 50 years. I’m willing to be the new Baylor Stadium will be used for just a little longer than that.

My fiance and I have always wanted our names on a part of campus, and now we will. In fact, it’s on my 30 Before 30 list. We were able to contribute to Baylor in the process. The coolest part is that we will be married by the time our brick is laid in concrete. It was fun writing our names down as a couple, with me taking his last name.

And another bonus… He didn’t complain that I had inadvertently turned his present into our present.


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