How to Entertain Your Fiance

My fiance is on required leave for two weeks for the holidays. What started as a two-day weekend has become a full-on week’s stay.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

As a future military spouse, I did my best not to ask him to visit me. He has told me that I am the glue that holds this household together and with that comes the responsibility of understanding when he can’t be with me. Besides, I wanted him to spend his time off the way he wanted.

After all, we have a lifetime to be stuck with one another.

All that being said, here is how you can entertain your fiance!

Step One: Come home from Christmas vacation a little early to ensure you have at least one good night’s sleep and a full day to prepare. And keep in mind that this has nothing to do with the fact that it was snowing where the Christmas festivities were being held, and you have to get back home before the ice sets in.

Step Two: Storm the halls of your local radio station for free tickets and SWAG. This may be easier for some people than others. It also helps immensely if you actually work for the radio station. This way you actually have a chance at getting your paws on said SWAG.

Step Three: Free is key. Call up your friend and ask him if you can use his season tickets to sporting events, since he will be out of town. This works well if he is a generous person and genuinely considers you a friend.

Step Four: Buy food… Lots of food. Especially if you have a 6′-3″ fi-fi with a major appetite. Bonus points are awarded if you make a special trip to a store to buy ample amounts of his favorite chips. They also tend to be your favorite chips, but you usually only get to lick the bottom of the bag.

Step Five: Clean like you’re Cinderella. And then clean again. After all, you are still kind of auditioning to be his wife.

Step Six: Don’t think about how much work you’re actually putting into all of this. Let’s face it, no matter how wonderful your guy is, he’s still a guy. This means that he probably won’t notice that it took an effort to create this wonderful experience and you will have to fight the urge of reminding him. Instead, make yourself believe that he’s actually complimenting you when he thinks that you pulled all of this together with a snap of your fingers.

Bonus: Don’t become irate if he decides to treat you instead.

With these simple steps you are on your way to a fabulous week with the love of your life!


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