My Date: The Day of Completion

I’ve had a lot of reactions to the date the I have chosen for my wedding. Some say that our wedding will be doomed. Others make fun of me or question my sanity. And although there are other days out there that I feel are more deserving of criticism, like Halloween or the same day a family member passed away, mine is also targeted.

We’re getting married on Pearl Harbor Day.

I could go into a long list as to why we’ve chosen this day. Like the fact that we are a military family, and as everyone knows, when you’re in the military you don’t have the luxury of choice in a lot of things. That narrowed down the month. I could also tell you that we tried to be selfless and plan around other people. Like my bridesmaids who are getting a PhD or guests who may be traveling elsewhere since it is close to the holidays.

But don’t assume that our date was chosen by default.

I chose the date because I think it’s beautiful. The history books say that on this day the naval base at Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy. The attack was intended to be preventive, to keep the United States out of matters happening in Japan. This event catapulted our country into one of the worst wars in the history of the world.

Indeed catastrophic, I also see this day as a day that drew our nation together.

What the Japanese did was gutless. They were afraid of the United States and instead of leaving the hornet’s nest alone, they decided to poke it. The official declaration of war came on December 8th, but I believe when the first bomb hit American soil, every citizen in this great nation had declared war in their hearts. Setting aside differences with their neighbors and coming together as one.

We know how the story ends.

The United States retaliated by taking out most of the aircraft carriers and pilots involved in the attack, something Japan could never recover from. The US then sealed the deal with the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  December 7th, to me, is a date the reminds us of just how great this nation is. It unified us and made us stronger.

We’re never thankful for attacks or hardships in our lives, but they condition us.

My marriage will experience hardships, but if my husband and I continue to lift our union up to the Lord, He will see us through. Through them we will grow. Seven is the number of completion. I see this as symbolic to the puzzle pieces that my fiance and I consider ourselves to be. Where I lack, he picks up and where he lacks, I pick up. When placed together, we firmly lock together. All gaps filled, all spaces completed.

Many learned not to mess with the US on that day. On that same day, decades later, my fiance and I will make covenant before the Lord. And we will be bonded through the Lord.

Oh, and… I wouldn’t mess with that either.


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