Let’s Blow the Roof Off This Joint

There is only one way that you can blow the roof off of a joint… Get a roof!

Ladies and gentleman, we have a venue!

It took about a month of researching, but only three visits for me to make my decision. The place I found is great! It’s not very far from my family and there are so many things included.

They take care of set up, food, cakes, linens, decorations, refreshments, clean up, and so much more. The chapel and reception hall are also right next door to one another. This was a big deal for me. I wanted separate buildings for both, but I didn’t want to make my guests drive from the chapel to reception. This way they can all park in one lot and everything is conveniently in one location.

For the ceremony, I get to have my big door moment. They have a set of doors leading to the chapel and I am planning on having them opened to reveal me in my dress. There is also a cute little garden where my fiance and I can have our reveal moment. I absolutely adore the pictures that are taken during that moment. It will be a great time for us to connect, one on one, before the hustle and bustle of the evening. Plus, I can touch up my makeup before the ceremony… and say a little prayer that I don’t cry through the whole thing.

Then it’s party time!

There is a great staircase in the reception hall that my fiance and I will use when we are announced at Mr. and Mrs. After we walk down those stairs we will go right into our first dance. Then, it’s time to blow the roof off this joint!

Everyone has told me that once you nail down the venue, you can relax for a bit. Perfect timing too, because the holidays are upon us. I plan on relaxing, spending time with family, and eating! I’ll start a wedding diet after the new year.



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