It’s Hunting Season

Forget about deer and dove and whatever else it is you crazy people kill for fun. Venue hunting season is officially open. Less messy, less bloody, but just as tasty.

I went on my first hunt about two weeks ago. A big thank you to my cousin for setting up the appointments and my aunt for setting aside her Saturday morning and afternoon to take me. Also, to my other cousin for going with me and not being shy about asking, touching, tasting, and on a rare occasion, smelling.

Obviously this is uncharted territory for me.

I didn’t have a sister growing up and I’ve only been a bridesmaid once in my life. I have a feeling the two may be correlated in some way. I actually didn’t know that there are places that are solely meant to be married in. And after seeing a Ferrari sitting in the parking lot, I believe I am in the wrong business.

But that’s beside the point.

Our first stop was Alexander Mansion. Absolutely adorable. But too small. Then we went over to Capella Court, which I really liked. Not too big and plenty of things included in the price.

And yes, I had to hold my breath as she crunched the numbers.

After all, I’m not too keen on spending money. Obviously, I have a weak spot when it comes to food, despite being on the wedding diet, but beyond that I am kind of picky as to where the pennies go. Just the other day I went shopping for clothes, since I was down to one and a half pair of jeans, and I’m still kind of beating myself up for spending so frivolously.

In addition, despite the rock on my finger, I kept forgetting that this is my wedding.

At one point I found myself just enjoying the free cake and punch samples without really paying attention. That is, until this sweet woman began asking questions. Questions, needless to say, that I didn’t have the answers for. I would also say that I’m not great at making decisions and I am terrible at estimating.

How many guests? Um, 50. NO! 500. Nooo… I don’t know.

Do you want beer and wine, full bar, cash bar, service bar, or a combination? Uh, next question please.

And that was just the beginning.

So, what did I gather from this experience? I have a lot to learn. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking and offers may not be on the table for long. I know this is my wedding, but everything seems to be a career move. I want to get things done however, I don’t want to be locked down. I want to have something special and formal, yet I’m terrified of spending too much money on the wrong things.

If this is how it is looking at the venue… I’m almost afraid to look at dresses.

This is not the bride I wanted to be.


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