Tickle Me Tuesday

Surveys have shown that Tuesday is considered the most depressing day of the week. Odd, considering Monday symbolizes the end of the weekend and we have a special term for it, “Case of the Mondays.” However, you can’t argue with a study, so let’s use it instead.

I have come up with Tickle Me Tuesday. A little pick-me-up for the most depressing day of the week. What do you do when you get tickled? Well, aside from wanting to smack the daylights out of the one doing the tickling, you laugh.

Today’s Tickle Me Tuesday actually happened last night, but I’m sharing it today.

I took one of my girlfriend’s out to dinner last night to ask her a very important question, to be my bridesmaid. She said yes, got a little teary-eyed, and then we began to chat. At that moment I see out of the corner of my eye, outside the window, a bird battle.

Yes, a bird battle.

A very large bird is clearly upset with a little bird, or just being a bully, and they are clawing, pecking, feathering, whatever it is that birds do, in mid-air.

And then it happened.

The big bird pushed the little bird smack dab into the window. There was a loud thud and the little bird went down. The large bird, which at this point looks like a massive bald eagle in my eyes, flew away. I’m not sure the little bird was so lucky.

I witnessed a murder.

After stating this to my friend, who is quickly getting over her trauma, she so cleverly points out that a bunch of crows is actually called a murder. Therefore, what I witnessed was not just a murder… It was murder by murder.

Not exactly hilarious, but not exactly depressing. It’s more ironic. How many times do you see the animal kingdom’s dark side? Even National Geographic saves moments like these for the late night viewers, after little Suzy and Timmy have counted their sheep and are now floating through La La Land with the Tooth Fairy and Mr. Rogers.

You have to chuckle, not at the little bird’s expense, but more at the fact that you had to witness this over dinner one evening, in a cute little cafe, while asking a dear friend to be a crucial participant on the biggest day of your life. Some say that your wedding is the first day of your life.

I’m reminded of a clip from the movie Bride Wars in which wedding planner extraordinaire, Marion St. Claire, tells Liv and Emma that they are dead and that a wedding is the first day of the rest of their lives.

And to think death happened on a day involving the first day of my life is almost repulsive… But it makes me laugh. I just hope that little birdie had a wedding of its own and did not have to die dead.


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