Bridesmaid Bonanza

A wedding just wouldn’t be complete without a wedding party. Bear (my fiance) and I have decided on four bridesmaids and four groomsmen. He, of course, just asked his guys in passing. Actually, I don’t think he even asked. I think he just told them, “here’s the deal.”

Oh, boys.

I, on the other hand, wanted to do something clever and maybe even memorable. Of course, I ruined it for my Matron of Honor. One slip of the tongue over sushi and the cat was out of the bag. She wasn’t disappointed, but I was. First of all, Bear and I had only been engaged for about five days. Second, come on, a casual dinner?

Something had to be done.

Pop. My theme was pop. Since Bear had popped the question, I felt that it was my turn. Nothing that a quick trip to Michael’s couldn’t fix. I started with the card. I found some blank cards and envelopes, then printed out my own inlet which I glued to the inside. To dress it up, I ran a silver Sharpie around the border and then added some wedding embellishments found in the scrap booking section.

The cover just has a sticker with the same Sharpie border and another wedding cake decoration. The sticker boasts and “R” symbolizing the name I will be taking on.

Then for the fun part! I got a little creative with Photoshop and decided to give my bridesmaids a peek of what they will look like on my big day. Totally cartoonish, but totally fun. Although we haven’t decided on our color scheme yet, I put them in the dress that I like. And then I framed it, just to spruce it up a bit.

Like the card said, “I’ve been going pop crazy!” Therefore I bought a bunch of things that “pop!” We’re talking pop rocks, ring pops, poppers, popcorn, and push pops. I also threw in a few party favor engagement rings and a light-up ring.

To top it off, I found some cute bags that have “bridesmaid” embroidered on the front. Super cute, and super re-usable. That is, if you don’t mind putting your toothbrush in a bridesmaid bag when you go on a trip. The bag made it super fun to present because I got to see each of their faces light up as they read the front of the bag. It was even more fun to watch them dig through all of the pop! Also, one of my bridesmaids doesn’t live in the same state as I do, so the bag made for easy travel.

I’m quite proud of what I put together. I feel like it’s not quite an original idea, but something that I brought to fruition and therefore can own it! Feel free to steal it if you want. I still have one more to give, but it has gotten the thumbs up from three out of four bridesmaids.

In addition, I’m feeling more confident about planning this wedding. Winning!


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