30 Before 30

I saw this on another blog and fell in love with it. A list of things I want to do before I turn 30. Mom, don’t get your hopes up, “having kids” is not on the list. I am getting married next year, so naturally that didn’t make the list either. That being said, this list is a reflection of me already being married… hence, me calling my current fiance “hubby” in this post. A little over-anxious to some, but I did call him husband the other day without realizing it…

Here’s how it all went down at the Pandora counter:

Clerk: “I love your airplane charm.”

Me: “Oh yeah, that’s my first charm. My husband is a pilot.”

Clerk: “How sweet! How long have you been married?”

Me: “I’m not married.”

Clerk (confused): “You just said you were…”

Now that we’re all caught up… Here is my list (in no particular order):

1. Buy our dream home … DONE!

2. Finish and publish my novel

3. Take my hubby to my hometown … DONE!

4. Run a half marathon… a full if I get ambitious … DONE!

5. Host Thanksgiving dinner … DONE!

6. Launch a voice over business

7. Grant a wish

8. Travel to Santorini, Greece

9. Walk where Jesus walked

10. Take my hubby to where I lived and worked in New York… DONE!

11. Kiss my hubby in Times Square on New Years

12. Make a real lobster dinner

13. Cook myself through a small cook book

14. Learn how to juggle

15. Get my name somewhere on Baylor’s campus (and not just on my credentials) … DONE!

16. Leave a $100 tip for a deserving person

17. Read a book by Leo Tolstoy

18. Get on television… somehow, someway, that doesn’t involve me screaming and jumping at a sporting event

19. Take a trip to Disney World with my hubby

20. Purchase an amazing piece of art

21. Visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial

22. Write a letter to my future children

23. Island-hop in a seaplane around the Caribbean

24. Swim with dolphins

25. Pitch 7 innings of softball again

26. Take a girl’s trip

27. Go wine tasting in Napa

28. Host a party for someone else… DONE!

29. Play a full 18 holes of golf … DONE!

30. Make a soufflé (for the soul reason of it sounding sophisticated)

Needless to say, I’ll need to have a lot of money to do most of these. I guess I should make finishing and publishing my book the first task…

Disclaimer: Items subject to change without notice. These are goals for the sole purpose of enriching the life of Miss Radio Jess. Items can be checked off as Miss Radio Jess sees fit. Miss Radio Jess is encouraged to blog about each item as they are checked off. Whether or not that happens is at the Miss Radio Jess’ discretion.


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