Have Ring, Will Marry

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m engaged.

It’s been a month since the proposal. Step one was getting the ring reset. Done. Now it’s time to start planning the actual wedding.


Are you kidding me? I grew up playing sports. I wanted to get married, but I just didn’t sit around cutting out dresses or hot gluing lace on everything I owned. So here I am, a girl who has never dreamed about her wedding day and now I’m supposed to pull one out of thin air.

Even a simple wedding is a lot of work. A wedding that looks effortless, took a lot of work. I’m almost terrified to pick up a bridal magazine for fear of falling in love with something that isn’t feasible. So, I’ve been living in the land of procrastination. However, the questions are already coming in…

What is your theme?

Are the groomsmen going to match the groom?

How many bridesmaids will you have?

Will there be an open bar?

Am I invited?

Do you know where you’re getting married?

Did you set a date?

I’ve answered all of these with a smile and a “We’re enjoying the moment” reply. However, you can only hide behind that for so long. So we’re starting with the most logical question…

The date.

Easier said than done, right? And the funny thing is that the venue will probably answer that question for us. It’s looking like I’ll be able to answer that question by the end of the week.

…That is if I can stop making myself overwhelmed and begin tackling one thing at a time

Pray for me.


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