Ready? Engage.

I think by now, you have learned that I’m not the best blogger. I can’t even remember the last time I posted. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m being forced to blog. There is certainly no giant lion waiting to pounce if I don’t blog. It’s actually something that I want to do however, I’ve come to the conclusion that…

I’m too busy living….

Or wasting my life away…. I really haven’t decided yet. Blogging to me is like going to Subway. I could order the six inch sub, knowing that I will be full and satisfied when I’m done. However, I really want that footlong. It will probably make me sick and force me to plop myself in front of the couch for the next 4 hours until I feel confident enough to move again without fear of seeing the Chicken Bacon & Ranch rear it’s ugly head.

I think you are starting to see even more why I don’t blog… I eat too much food.

But I digress. To sum things up, I know I need to blog and I know it will be good for me in the long run, but the footlong usually wins out.

Since the last time I posted, some major things have happened. I have had the greatest three weeks a girl could ask for, including a vacation to the eastern Caribbean with the love of my life.

Now back up three weeks ago… I got engaged! The words still don’t seem real in text form. I keep pinching myself and continue to find myself taken aback when people congratulate me. I’m starting to feel naked when not wearing my ring, so I think these feelings will subside rather quickly. The best part of the engagement is that I had no idea that it was coming. I’ve always wanted it that way but never really thought it would happen that way.

Stupid, Jess.

My (now) fiance is pretty good at keeping secrets however, I am terribly oblivious! I guess you could say that he had this one in the bag. On the note of my fiance, he was commissioned two days after proposing. SO proud of that man! Within an hour of landing in Alabama for his graduation weekend, we were no longer just a couple dating, we were a couple engaged to be married.

Sounds so adult, right?

I know the giggly girls out there would like to know the story. Here it goes… He picked me up from the airport and proceeded to stall out on three consecutive speed bumps. Mr. Car Man Extraordinaire, stalling. Love it. He took me all around the base and told me countless stories. Then it was time to go look at the planes. We found the plane that my great uncle flew, the Super Sabre, and then turned around to find ourselves face-to-tire with the B-52.


This will be the plane that my fiance will fly once he is finished with training. After taking in the enormity of the plane, we stood holding each other underneath the nose of the plane. After being apart for three months and then enduring the Alabama heat for the last hour, I was praising the shade and drinking in every moment.

Now I had brought him a surprise that I had already given him when he picked me up. Well, now it was his turn. He held out his hand, the ring enclosed inside. Before I could even fathom that what was concealed in his hand was a ring, he dropped down on one knee.


Chins quivering, he asked me to be his wife. And after much crying and hugging he reminded me that I never gave him an answer. The word “Yes” exploded from my mouth and we sealed the deal with a kiss.

We have been absolutely showered with love, congratulations, encouragement and the occasional, “We knew this would happen!” I believe the best way to wrap up this post is to thank everyone for sharing this moment with us!

…and apologize for posting so late.


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