Ode to Pops

I think you’ll learn real quick that this is not an actual “ode” but it is almost lyrical in my mind.

In honor of Father’s Day I will give tribute to my mentor, my coach, my leader… my father. He is worthy to be praised… Just like my mother on Mother’s day. Feel free to check out that post as well.

The father-daughter dynamic is a beautiful relationship. And my pops is tops!

My dad was the epitome of a provider. He has worked so hard to provide for his family in every way possible. Not just as a financial provider, but it so many other ways.

He was my coach.

I don’t know how my dad remained so calm when his little third-grader told him that she wanted to be a pitcher. He must have been terrified since he didn’t know the first thing about throwing a softball underhand. And now, he was to step into a role in which he had to be a master?

Couldn’t have been easy.

Yet, he studied and he taught. And he donned the catcher’s gear and allowed me to throw pitch after pitch at him, day after day.

And much like my mother dressed me like a princess, my father made me feel like one in the way that he spoke to me and about me. My mother loved to show me off to him after getting me ready for a big dance. To see the joy in his face and hear him tell me that I’m beautiful also brought a tear to my eye.

Just like a princess, my father spoiled me. But he spoiled me with things that mattered, not material things. He showered me with love, compliments, encouragement and challenges. He made me want to be a strong and successful woman.

Those are eternal gifts that can never be taken away from me.

My father also taught me what a man truly is. He’s full of love, wisdom, courage, dedication and honor. All of which he exceeds on the charts.

He is the perfect depiction of our Heavenly Father. When I run to my father for advice or a shoulder to cry on or even a laugh, it’s like running to our Lord. I know He speaks directly through my dad and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

To say I’m a daddy’s girl is an understatement.

Couldn’t do life without him.

Love you daddy.


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