OTS by Jess: Day Seventeen

“Uphold my steps in Your paths, That my footsteps may not slip.” -Psalms 17:5

I thought a lot about friends today. I got suckered into taking a survey for Women’s Health Magazine about friendship. And yes, it got me thinking. I’ve had a lot of friends in my life. Friends from my past, friends in my life now, and friends that I want around forever.

And let’s face it, they’re not all the same people.

My friends from the past are more like acquaintances now. And I know that the close-knit groups I have now, I want to have forever. Then there are the people who are no longer in the picture and, quite frankly, I’m thankful for that.

That’s what I thought about today.

There’s a saying that everything happens for a reason and it’s true. I look at where I am now and I’m in such a happy place. In looking at my past, 2008 is when my group of friends really changed. I stepped away from one group thinking that I would ride solo for a time, but was immediately welcomed into the arms of some of the greatest people I have ever met. And I realized that if I never made that break, I wouldn’t have the ones who I absolutely adore.

One of those is my boyfriend. My best friend.

I’ve had others in my life that I thought were my best friend and oddly they were girls. I grew up with brothers and would much rather hang with the boys. Girls get jealous and competitive way too often. I believe that true friends know how to put themselves aside for the sake of the other. Also, they don’t judge. It took quite some time for me to realize that I was giving more and not being appreciated. So I made another break.

It definitely wasn’t easy, but again I am thankful.

The group I have now, I really consider family. I would encourage you to examine the friends you have around you. Are they edifying you? Are they adding to your life instead of taking away? It’s a tough call and it definitely won’t happen over night, but having a support system around you will push you to greater heights.

And it all happens for a reason.


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