Being Present

A good friend of mine once told me that I’m the kind of person who is always “present.” It’s been quite a while since she said that but it finally makes sense… fully. We’re such creatures of companionship. We crave company. With that in mind, I believe this is what being present means.

P – Placement. Putting others first. Allowing another person to be the center of your attention.

R – Respect.  Understanding what the other person has done to prepare, and the importance of both what they are doing in that moment and what it could mean for their future.

E – Edification. Building others up. Becoming a foundation in which they can stand firm, knowing that if they fall you will pick them up.

S – Sacrifice. Setting aside something of yourself, whether it be an ambition, attitude or activity for the sake of another.

E – Encouragement. Making sure that the other person feels as if they can accomplish anything in the world.

N – Number. Creating a team and giving another person the security of never having to be alone.

T – Time. Taking what is considered to be so precious to the world and giving it all to another.

After looking at what being present really means, I realized that what my friend said to me, was actually one of the most incredible compliments I have ever received. It’s also one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. I would encourage you to be present in someone else’s life, starting today. It could do wonders for both of you.


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