Blinker Abuse

Does your car suffer from Blinker Abuse? Have you ever left your car in a place you thought was safe just because you had the blinkers on? Has your car been ridiculed by onlookers because of your poor judgment?

Blinker Abuse, or poor use of a vehicle’s hazard lights, is a serious problem in our society. Here are the most common excuses for abusing a blinker:

1. Hold on, just let me send this text first.

2. Just because there is a curb here, doesn’t mean it’s not a prime parking spot.

3. I left my handicap tag at home… Promise.

4. I’m just here picking up a friend.

5. Oh, I’m only running in for a second.

If any of these statements sounds familiar, you may be an offender. But you can make it better. You can change. You can make a difference. For starters, resist the urge to push that red triangle unless an emergency calls for it. Oh, and feel free to honk endlessly at other offenders.

Or better yet, expose them on Twitter. All 167 of my followers are doing their part, and  you can too.

Let’s put an end to Blinker Abuse.


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