Wanted: New Girlfriend

Phelps and Johnson. Photo courtesy of msn.foxsports.com

We learned last week that Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps has split with his girlfriend, former Miss California Nicole Johnson. Michael and Nicole had been off and on for quite some time and although she was loyal to his crazy schedule, Michael began telling people he was single just before the New Year. So what’s next for the swimming star?

No, not the 2012 Olympics…

It’s time for the gold medal magnet to find himself another women. And lucky for you, I’ve found Michael’s online dating profile.

Name: Michael Phelps

Username: King Triton Phelps

Please describe yourself: I’m just your typical guy. Nothing special really. I’ve won a few recognitions in my life. I travel a lot, but will always be a homebody and a huge momma’s boy.

Photo courtesy of olympics.wikia.com

Now that we know about you, answer the following questions based on what you are looking for in a significant other.

Wants: Me. And to be a part of my world.  

Likes: Flounder and lobster. Must love the water.

Needs: Again, must love the water.

Future Plans: Must be willing to face the unknown, rough waters or anyone named Ursula. Oh, and have lots of little guppies.

Beliefs: That I’m the true King of the Sea. Also, water preservation.

Physical Attributes: Tall. Athletic build. Red hair. Must have great lung capacity.

Additional Notes: Mermaids, please call immediately.

**I shouldn’t have to write this, but please know that none of the answers presented in this post reflect the thoughts or views of the actual Michael Phelps.


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