Don’t Forget Your Wings

Before you start getting images of Victoria’s Secret in your head, let me just clarify that this post has nothing to do with scantily clad women walking down a runway.

Now that I’ve narrowed down my readership… Let’s continue.

My boyfriend was recently sworn into the Air Force (cue the collective “Oh”). It’s a dream come true for him and something we have both been looking forward to for some time. Among the whirlwind of emotions I felt upon hearing the news, nothing rings truer than excitement.

He is about to spread his wings… literally.

For Christmas, and as a part of the celebration I’m sure, his mother got me a Pandora charm bracelet. I was sure that I would never own one of these ever in my life.

No, not because I’m a snob.

To be honest I’m afraid of them. You put something like that on my wrist and I’m instantly reduced to a child. I have to fill it. I have to have it all. I have to have every single little charm that intrigues me in the least bit. And I may be on the radio, but believe me I cannot afford to fill up my arm with tiny silver frogs, softball gloves, cows, cupcakes, football helmets, snowflakes, choo-choo trains… Well, you get the point.

Thank goodness I have a boyfriend who understands me.

We decided to fill the bracelet with milestones. And if you know anything about how I run a mile, it is a long, long, LONG way. Therefore, it will and should be quite some time before my next charm makes its debut. So what is lucky charm number one?

A plane.

I was hit with a lot of different thoughts when I saw that plane sitting in the box, waiting to be placed on the chain. Who knew something so small, could mean so much.

Obviously my boyfriend is a pilot, but one thing that is beautiful about him is that he wants to share this passion with everyone. In college he had to build up flight hours so he flew all over Texas. And he made a point to take someone different each time. If someone wanted to go to a Baylor game close to their hometown, he’d invite them. If some one special really wanted to go to Freebirds, he’d invite them. I can’t count how many people he flew during those days. This drew me to him instantly.

Mostly because I wanted Freebirds, but I digress.

And now he’s headed to the Air Force. Making the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Allowing himself to be a part of a greater calling. It’s beyond incredible. I can only imagine how many people he will share this passion with.

Talk about motivating!

Now, I may not know what the future holds, but I most certainly know who holds the future. And I know for sure that I will always have this plane on my wrist.  It symbolizes flight and endless possibilities. I may not be in the pilot’s seat literally, but most definitely figuratively.

I choose to fly everywhere and every day of my life from here on out. Kind of fitting with the new year starting in just a few days.

And for some reason I think the next charm will have something to do with food… Or maybe I’m just hungry.


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  1. No, I had not read this when I sent you the Tom Cat. Just one of those things. I did know the plane would mean a lot, especially that one. Oh, your next charm will prob be a cupcake or popcorn.

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