Better with Age

Looking back at my childhood, it’s amazing to see how much my parents sacrificed for my brothers and I. After doing something nice for me, my dad would always say, “Just remember this moment when the time comes for you to pick out my nursing home.” Of course my father never really expects anything in return, but he took it upon himself to remind us of his generosity in a nonchalant way.

I believe my car is just like my father.

It’s no doubt Mitchell is getting old, and although he is generally the strong silent type, I know he is asking for a great nursing home to spend his final days when the time comes.

And he deserves it!

That car put up with me in my early years of “I’m-all-that” driving, protected me when I was violently rear-ended senior year of high school, took me half way across the country for school, and never ever broke down further than 10 minutes from my house. He’s a rock star.

Nonetheless, I have put together the top ten reasons why Mitchell is becoming a little old man.

10. He’s a Mitsubishi with 99,000 miles on him… Enough said.

9. He’s developed the “lazy eye.” He always seems to have a dim headlight. Of course a little jiggle of the pigtail and he’s fine, but old age has prevented him from wanting to use both eyes the way God intended him to. Stubbornness, really.

8. He doesn’t always stay dry. We all know old age sometimes prevents us from having control of all of our… functions. For Mitchell, this means leaking just a little bit during heavy rains. I credit this to fear of thunderstorms.

7. Once stopped, he doesn’t want to go again. Mitchell used to be a young stallion. Prancing everywhere he went. He seems to have lost the gusto. This is accompanied with a deep sigh after coming to a stop. It’s as if he’s saying, “Let’s just sit for a bit.”

6. He’s losing his hair. Now, of course cars don’t have hair, but his paint has been slowing chipping away on the front bumper. Luckily, my boyfriend and I gave him a little paint job. After all, a little Rogaine never hurt anyone.

5. He’s got wrinkles. After years of intense summer heat, Mitchell’s dashboard is a little cracked. I like to call these “smile lines” from years of good health.

4. Just about everything has been replaced. Let’s just say, Mitchell has had some good organ donors throughout his life.

3. You can’t understand a darn word he says. As time has gone on, the radio seems to have more static and the speakers crack more. However, he refuses to stop singing and carrying on.

2. He yells at the neighbors and young-ins. As Mitchell has aged, he has given up caring what others think and he’s not afraid to honk at you when you’ve done wrong.

1. He’s gotten cuter with age. He used to be the dashing young stud, but as he’s gotten older he has become the cutest little old man you ever did see.

All things considered, like everything else in this world, Mitchell just gets better with age!


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