It’s the Most Dreadful Time of the Year

I understand that I am a little behind with this post, but I’d like to use the hustle and bustle of the holiday season as my excuse.

So this is the first season of finals that I did not take part in. It was glorious! But I must admit, I still learned a lot! You know what they say, being on the outside looking in reveals a lot. In this case, I saw just how psycho a college town becomes during this dreaded time of year.

Fashion: All fashion sense goes out the window. Suddenly Sally doesn’t care if she looks cute in front of Billy. I mean it’s a fact that most people who attend college believe that they will meet their soul mate during those four or 50 years. However, during finals that is the last thing on kids’ minds. Sweatpants and pajamas become the norm. I’ve never seen so many slippers and T-rex pants in my life!

Hygiene: And of course when kids roll out of bed, the chances of those kids taking a shower goes out the window. I’m pretty sure that if you look real hard at campus during finals, you’ll see a faint green cloud hovering overhead.

Crowds: This one made me so upset. During Christmas time finals, Starbucks usually features holiday favorites like the peppermint mocha. But can Jessica go get a peppermint mocha? No, because all of Baylor has decided to bombard Starbucks to study. You can’t fit through the door and the drive-thru is so slow that by the time you get your mocha it’s an icicle! You can also scratch out any cafes, bistros, delis and bookstores.

Library: Now I remember this from college. During finals, the library finally sees business and there isn’t a single parking spot available anywhere within a three-mile radius. And yes, this bothers me because I am one of the few people who still enjoys browsing the library for a little hidden treasure.

Facebook: I officially hate being on Facebook during finals! Not only are none of my friends available to chat, but the statuses drive me insane! My home feed becomes full of “I hate studying” and “This class sucks” and so on and so forth. Really? Quit complaining and just study. I bet you would have gotten one more question right on that exam if you would have just devoted that five minutes to your note cards instead of posting a lame status that 85% of your friends have already posted for you.

Church: We’ve all seen it. There are less empty chairs in the sanctuary during finals. And to take it one step further, the Facebook statuses are also tag-lined with a verse.

Muttering: I’ve never seen so many people talk to themselves in my life. Usually this is frowned upon, but it becomes the norm during finals. And while we’re at it, let’s add emphatic hand motions to this.

Hobbies: Let’s face it, procrastination is inevitable and during this season students will do just about anything to stay clear of the books. My best friend has never wanted to run errands with me before, but around December and May, she practically runs them for me. She also gets extremely offended when I tell her to stay home.

Curfew: Those 24-hour restaurants make a killing during finals. I’ve never seen longer lines at Subway or Whataburger at two or three in the morning than when Baylor is in the middle of dead days.

Driving: You think the swerving is from alcohol? Think again. It’s all those students who didn’t study, who are now trying to read 13 chapters of business law on their way to class. Mitch hates these people.

It’s during this time of year that I wish I could stay inside and revel in the fact that I no longer have to take part in the madness. I’d like to think that I didn’t fall prey to these unconventional practices, but sadly I did. One thing is for sure, it’s the most dreadful time of the year. And it happens twice.


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