Hello Waco!

Well… it happened.

After years and years of work and extreme dedication… it happened.

No, i didn’t find my first wrinkle, get knocked up or get arrested for that matter. And thank heavens it’s otherwise.

I graduated college.

The day that seemed so distant to me and at times felt like I would never meet, came and went like a flash of lightning. Family flew in and family flew home, cake was made and cake was eaten, heels and dress were worn and then quickly excused for a comfy tank and shorts.

Four years, well actually 17 years, of work had finally come to a culmination. I’d like to say that the degree that sits proudly above my desk is a symbol of my arrival in this world, but sadly it isn’t.

To be honest, my degree still sits in the tube it came in. Who knew it would be more expensive to frame that piece of paper than it was to earn it in the first place.

I’ll also admit, I have one of the coolest jobs in the world, but sadly it is in one of the smallest markets in the world.

I wonder what the turnover rate is for radio personalities in Waco to make it to the big time No. 1 markets… I’m thinking extremely slim. However, here I am. Doing what I love best… broadcast.

It actually amazes me the opportunities I have been given in this small market. Opportunities that I would never have gotten in a bigger market. First of all, I was given my own show at the age of 21. Second, I have worked my way onto our sister station 1660 ESPN Radio, doing the morning Sportscenter updates and a segment on the John Morris Show. Third, I was offered a position doing color commentary for Baylor Volleyball this season.

All of this coming within a month’s time-table.

I’ll admit I was given all of this because of connections. I hardly had to market myself. For that I will be forever grateful. I guess the degree that sits proudly in its tube was the green light for people to take chances on me!

Nevertheless, here I am… post college. Odd feeling that I’ve come to love more than my Dublin Mudslide ice cream. Have I arrived in this world? Not in the least, but I think it’s safe to say I have arrived in Waco!

Practically the same thing right?


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